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Everything You Need to Secure Highly Sensitive Spaces

S&G's product offering includes a line of specialty hardware products that are unique to the high-security market. Like our mechanical and electronic products, our specialty door hardware is designed to be durable and functional. They also complement our extended product offering to ensure you have a coordinated, consistent look for every opening.

Safe Lock Handles

Sargent and Greenleaf produces durable, attractive safe handles for safe manufacturers. Our line of handles have been designed with clean lines, functionality and style to perfectly match the S&G dials and rings and provide a coordinated look.

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Sliding Deadbolt Locks

The S&G line of surface mounted, sliding deadbolts are simple, rugged devices that lend themselves to many security applications. Whether securing a cabinet used to store caustic chemicals or blocking the inactive door in a double door entry, these deadbolts provide the level of safety and security you need.

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Mechanical Automatic Deadbolt Locks

Mechanical automatic deadbolt locks provide deadbolt security without the inconvenience of keys.

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