The versatile V-Series is a compact electronic lock ideal for securing medical carts, cabinets, drawers, and lockers across a variety of industry applications – including healthcare, education, sports & entertainment, and business. Easy to install, the lock is available in vertical, right-hand, and left-hand models. V-Series supports both a public function (with a 24hr auto-unlock countdown timer) and private function (with up to 20 user codes), allowing users to tailor shared use requirements to their unique needs.

All V-Series locks are treated with a clear ISO certified* photocatalytic coating which offers enhanced protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and other environmental toxins. The clear coating combats SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19) and can reduce bacterial growth by 99.96%*, providing an additional measure of protection over sanitization.

*Products have been treated with the LumaCleanTM Multipurpose Photocatalytic Coating manufactured by USA Nanocoat “the Manufacturer”. All test results, certifications and claims are those applied for or of the Manufacturer. The finish should not be considered a replacement for an overall cleaning and disinfection strategy. No claim is made or implied that the finish provides infallible protection against agents that may be harmful in part or whole to humans or animals.

Product Features

Ideal For

Medical Carts, Cabinets, Drawers, and Lockers for Healthcare, Education, Sports & Entertainment, Hospitality and Business Applications.

ISO certified* photocatalytic coating

Treated with a clear ISO certified* photocatalytic coating which offers enhanced protection against viruses, bacteria, germs and other environmental toxins.


24hr auto-unlock countdown timer* in Public Function

User Codes

Up to 20 User Codes in Private Function

8 digit Master and Sub-Master Code

4 digit User Code

6 digit Technician Code


Up to 15,000 operations from 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)

Battery Override

A 9 volt PP3 battery can be placed against external contacts

IP55 Rated

IP55 rated when fitted with gasket (gasket is sold separately)

Low Battery Warning

Red LED will flash on opening to indicate low battery


Private and Public

Finish Color

Silver gray or Black

Door thickness

Ready to fit doors up to 25mm (1”)


Non-volatile memory will be retained

Fitting Options

Vertical, right hand and left hand versions available

Slam latch accessory available

Available as optional purchase with V-Series locks

Easy shutting

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