GSA container locking solutions that meet government specifications

Protecting the world’s most sensitive and classified information requires more than a GSA-approved lock. Sargent and Greenleaf’s GSA container locking solutions meet stringent federal specifications, but also deliver proven quality, durability, and performance. S&G government locks secure a range of GSA containers such file cabinets, weapons storage containers, and vault doors.

S&G 2740B

Model 2937

SCIF solutions

From secure entry and life safety to classified document storage, S&G protects the world’s highest-security spaces. 

Proven durability

In addition to GSA-approved lock security, S&G’s government solutions are designed for long-lasting performance. 

What’s next in Government security

S&G engineers and product designers work within evolving federal and military specifications to develop exceptional solutions that protect sensitive data and personnel while mitigating risk. Find out what’s next in government security.