Digital Vault Lock


S&G’s Digital Vault Lock combines the proven durability and attack resistance of our vault lock body with a convenient digital interface.

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S&G’s Digital Vault Lock combines attack-resistant construction with a convenient digital interface for flexible access control. Powered by our Model 3029 lock, the Digital Vault Lock’s heavy-duty construction resists vibration, bouncing, and punching attacks.

Manage schedules through a user-friendly online interface, download up to 1,000 audit events through a built-in USB port, and easily program access from the keypad using our large digital screen.

Product Features


UL-Listed Type 1*

RoHS Compliant*


*Certifications apply to the 3029 lock body powering the unit.


Three modes of operation: single control, dual control, manager/employee.

100 codes available: programmer, manager, user.

Management reset code.

Time delay override code.

USB audit: download, store, and email 1,000 date- and time-stamped events.

Configurable manual security (0,0,#) functionality.

Same mounting footprint as S&G 6400 Series and 6500 Series mechanical locks.

Four opening windows per day.

Up to 100 users.

Up to 30 holiday schedules.

Daylight Savings Time feature.

Same mounting footprint as S&G 6400 Series and 6500 Series mechanical locks.

Time delay 1-99 minutes.

Penalty lockout.

Bolt position indicator.

Same mounting footprint as S&G 6400 Series and 6500 Series mechanical locks.

Optional Modules

Duress/silent alarm.


Digital keypad with display.

Bright chrome finish.


Two-year limited warranty from date of shipment.

Product Options

Square Bolt



High-security applications.

Designed for direct boltwork attachment.

Gear-drive push/pull construction.

Motor retracts lock bolt.

Motor automatically relocks and deadlocks when safe bolt work is extended or with keypad input.

Square lock bolt has drilled and tapped holes.

Push/pull strength of 2.3 lbs. (10 newton) with maximum load 5.5 lbs. (25 newton).

Field Changeable Roller Bolt

Opens to provide a path into the lock case for a snubber bar in indirect drive applications.

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Documents & Specs

Digital Vault Lock Sell Sheet




Retrieve the Audit Trail

Part Numbers

Part Number Type Lock Body Type Keypad Keypad Finish
6550-121 Kit Square Bolt Digital with Display Bright Chrome
3103-095 Software USB Audit Trail Software
Digital Vault Lock Part Numbers (.xls)