Model 6128-6129

A-Series™ with Display

3000-200 Series

Audit 2.0

Audit Trail Lock


AX26 Series

Model 6123

Electronic Safe Lock

Digital Time Lock

3000-300 Series

Digital Vault Lock

Model 6550-121

Model 6140

Electronic Door Lock

Model 6120

Electronic Safe Lock

Electronic Vault Lock

Model 6550

Model 6124-6125

Electronic Safe Locks


3000-500 Series

S&G 2740B

High-Security Electromechanical Safe Lock


Model 1006-1007

Model 1004

Residential Safe Lock


Model 2006-2007

Model 6730, 6731, 6741

Group 2 Mechanical Safe Lock

8400-8500 Series

Group 1 and 1R Mechanical Combination Locks

Model 6630, 6631, 6651

Group 2M Mechanical Safe Locks

Model 2937

High-Security Combination Lock

Mechanical Vault Lock

6400 Series

Model 6280 & Model 6370

Time Locks

Environmental Padlock

Model 0881/0883

Model 8077

High-Security Combination Padlock

6800 Series

High-Security Key Locks

Model 951/951C

High-Security Padlock

4100, 4200, 4400, 4500 Series

Safe Deposit Locks

S&G 2890C

Available in all ten lock types specified in FF-L-2890C

Model SM181 & SM183

Sliding Deadbolt Locks

The Brute™

Model 8497

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Number of Codes
Dual Control
Time Delay (in minutes)
Centrally Controlled
EMP Resistant
Audit Capability
Number of Audit Events
Smartphone Compatible
Number of Wheels
False Gates
Wheel Case Material