The Sargent and Greenleaf Titan is a rugged, 10-user electronic safe lock, designed to withstand heavy use.


The Titan is a robust, 10-user electronic safe lock with a completely redesigned locking mechanism based on the proven security of a motorized blocking device. Built to withstand heavy use, Titan performs with exceptional durability and the motor-driven locking mechanism delivers an extra measure of security.

Titan is tested to the highest EMP impact standard. Regardless of attack or conditions, our EMP-resistant electronic gun safe lock keeps your assets secure. An optional bolt position indicator module allows you to integrate Titan with other security systems.

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Product Options

PivotBolt, Direct Drive, Spring Bolt

Product Features


Three modes of operation: single control, dual control, manager/employee

Ten codes: programmer, master, user

Management reset code when in single control mode

Time delay override code


Quick, easy installation

Penalty lockout

Optional Modules

Duress/silent alarm (not when in dual control)

Bolt position indicator


Two-year limited warranty from date of shipment


Product Options

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Documents & Specs

Titan Sell Sheet


Model 2006_2007 Operating Instructions
Model 1007_2007 Installation Instructions
Model 1006_2006 Installation Instructions


Titan Lock and Keypad Installation
Change Combination
Change Battery
Use Management Reset Code


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Part Numbers

Part Number Type Lock Body Keypad Lighted Keypad Keypad Finish
2006-100 Lock Body PivotBolt
2006-102 Kit PivotBolt Non-Rotating, Low Profile No
2006-120 Kit PivotBolt 1-Battery Yes Bright Chrome
2006-121 Kit PivotBolt 1-Battery Yes Black Platinum
2006-122 Kit PivotBolt 1-Battery Yes Bright Brass
2006-106 Kit PivotBolt 2-Battery No Satin Chrome
2007-100 Lock Body Direct Drive
2007-102 Kit Direct Drive Rotating No Bright Chrome
2007-118 Kit Direct Drive Rotating No Black Platinum
2007-120 Kit Direct Drive Rotating Yes Bright Chrome
Titan Part Numbers (.xls)


2007_BP8812 2_4 CoC
2006_BP8812 2_4 CoC

One-Battery Keypad

For Electronic Locks

The one-battery keypad is ideal for use with Models 6120, Titan PivotBolt, and Spartan PivotBolt.  The battery is kept in an easy-to-access battery compartment at the base of the keypad to allow for a quick and easy battery change.  

Available Finishes

Part NumberFinishLighted
6120-210Bright ChromeNo
6120-211Bright BrassNo
6120-216Black PlatinumNo
6120-234Bright ChromeYes
6120-235Bright BrassYes
6120-239Satin ChromeYes
6120-240Black PlatinumYes

Two-Battery Keypad

For Electronic Locks

The two-battery keypad is a premium metal input device offering several high-grade finishes.  The keypad snaps onto a non-metallic base featuring an aesthetic and functional reveal. The standard two-battery keypad is unlighted and is often used with Models 6120, 6124, and Titan PivotBolt locks. 

Available Finishes

Part NumberFinish
6120-010Bright Brass
6120-012Bright Chrome
6120-014Matte Black
6120-016 Satin Chrome
6120-04524K Gold

Low-Profile Keypad

Ideal for applications where mounting space is limited, the low-profile keypad is only 1” high (25.4mm) and smaller in diameter (3 ¾” or 95.2mm) compared to other S&G keypads. The low-profile, non-rotating keypad was designed for use with Models 6120, Titan™ PivotBolt and Spartan™ PivotBolt.  The battery is kept in an easy-to-access battery compartment near the top of the keypad.

Available Finishes

Part NumberFinishLighted
6130-400Bright ChromeNo

Rotating Keypad

Direct Drive only

The Direct Drive keypad is required for the Titan™ and Spartan™ Direct Drive locks as it integrates with the lock to manually control the locking bolt. Lock bolt retraction and extension is performed by turning the keypad via it’s unique Sure Grip keypad ring. This small diameter (3 ¾” or 95.2mm), rotating keypad is only 1” (25.4mm) high, and will fit most safes, even when mounting space is limited.  The battery is kept in an easy-to-access battery compartment near the top of the keypad. Available in lighted and unlighted versions.

Available Finishes

Part NumberFinishLightedTop Button Color
6130-200Bright ChromeNoBlue
6130-312Bright ChromeYesBlue
6130-316Bright BrassYesBlack
6130-317Black PlatinumYesBlack

Auto Relocking Pivotbolt

  • Motor blocking
  • High cycle/heavy use
  • Safe boltwork does not attach to lock bolt
  • Automatically relocks when safe’s boltwork is fully closed
  • Lock bolt retraction and extension controlled by safe’s boltwork
  • Stainless steel lockbolt
  • Withstands 225 lbs. of bolt end pressure
  • Efficient for longer battery life

Direct Drive Square Bolt

  • Motor blocking
  • High cycle/heavy use
  • Designed for direct boltwork attachment; spindle connects keypad ring to lock
  • Lock bolt retraction and extension controlled by turning keypad ring manually
  • Exclusive, no-twist cable design prevents cable damage while opening
  • Square lock bolt has drilled and tapped holes
  • Withstands 225 lbs. of bolt end pressure
  • Efficient for longer battery life

Spring Bolt

  • Motor-driven
  • Direct locking for applications where a boltwork system is not employed
  • Beveled edge lock bolt
  • Motor retracts and relocks via spring action—no dial or handle required
  • Non-dead-latching bolt