Globally trusted S&G replacement safe locks

The Sargent and Greenleaf standard footprint makes it easy to upgrade your safe to one of the world’s most widely trusted safe lock brands. Our safe locks are used in a variety of applications in residential and commercial settings. Choose the features and functionality that best fit your application, including Bluetooth access, remote security, advanced audit and oversight, number of users, and a range of keypad styles and finishes.

Audit 2.0

Audit Trail Lock


Bluetooth-Enabled Safe Lock

Digital Time Lock

3000-300 Series

Model 6124-6125

Electronic Safe Locks

Model 6730, 6731, 6741

Group 2 Mechanical Safe Lock

Model 6630, 6631, 6651

Group 2M Mechanical Safe Locks


Wi-Fi Safe Lock


EMP-Resistant Gun Safe Lock


Electronic Safe Lock

S&G 2740B

High-Security Electromechanical Safe Lock

Higher standards

We build our safe locks to high internal standards, and design many of our products to specific security certifications. Find the best safe lock for your application at S&G. 

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Customer-focused support

We’re working hard to make our customer service even more responsive. No matter where you are, Sargent and Greenleaf and our growing international network of distributor partners can answer questions, help you troubleshoot, or resolve issues with your replacement safe lock. 

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