According to Security Magazine, the 32nd Annual Retail Theft Survey revealed  that one out of every 50 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2019.   This number has increased in the past 8 out of 12 years and remains a concern for many retailers.  As businesses begin to reopen following the COVID-19 shutdown, many retailers are expecting an increase in theft due to the negative financial impact COVID-19 is having on many individuals and their families.    

As part of the reopening plan, businesses should re-evaluate their existing security measures and protocols they have in place to help deter internal theft.  Sargent and Greenleaf offers a wide variety of safe security options that were designed specifically for retailers to better manage and secure their assets.

Audit Lock 2.0


Not only does Audit 2.0 safeguard your assets, it also allows you to see who accessed them – and when. This commercial-grade locking solution is secure, easy to install, and offers intuitive programming and operation.    

Key Features:

  • Three Modes of Operation: Single Control, Dual Control, Manager/Employee 
  • 1,000 time and date-stamped audit events
  • Penalty Lockout 

Digital Time Lock

DTL Image

Easily program access schedules, download audit events, and review data in a secure, user-friendly online interface.  Digital Time Lock makes securing your assets – and your piece of mind – simple.  

Key Features:

  • Three modes of operation: Single Control, Dual Control, Manager/Employee
  • Four opening windows per day for up to 100 users
  • Program up to 30 holidays
  • 1,000 time and date-stamped  events
  • Easily program access schedules via website interface


NexusIP delivers the convenience of a centrally controlled internet protocol (IP) safe security solution with no drilling or peripheral components required.    By leveraging existing Wi-Fi connections, users may monitor, control, and view lock activity in real-time. 

Key Features:

  • Centrally controlled, remote security via Wi-Fi
  • Monitor, control, and view safe lock activity in real time
  • Compatible with one lock or a multi-location network of locks
  • Change access, set schedules, receive real-time alerts without traveling to the lock
  • Lock programming via software interface
  • Add, delete, enable, disable users
  • 1,000 time and date-stamped events
  • Penalty lockout

S&G is committed to the security of your business.  See which locking solution best fits your needs.