Banks around the world face a wide array of challenges: shifting regulatory environments, ever evolving threats, and the need to optimize security in the face of rapidly changing technology.

At Sargent and Greenleaf, our engineers and product designers work with customers large and small worldwide to develop solutions designed to meet the needs of the financial sector—now and in the future. As we look ahead to what’s next for the banking industry, we’re focused on a few key areas.

Modular Design
“With modular design, you can add features and functionality without having to buy and install a new piece of equipment,” S&G Director of Engineering Devon Ratliff explains. “You can respond to threats faster, amplify security with new technology, and easily scale up or down—all through software and firmware upgrades.”

Predictive Analytics
Ratliff’s team of engineers takes a particular interest in built-in monitoring capabilities. “We’ll make it possible to predict when a lock needs maintenance, or spot an anomaly that flags a security incident,” Ratliff says. “Predictive analysis will be a major value-add for banks and ATM operators.”

Integrated Biometrics
S&G engineers are working on innovative ways to integrate biometrics without compromising security. “Biometric security isn’t new,” Ratliff says, “But making it available in an affordable way that maintains the security banks require is really a breakthrough.”

Networked Security
“I think our networked safe locks are a real leap forward, and now we’re looking at ways to make wi-fi and networked access a better option for banks.” Ratliff’s engineering team designed NexusIP for the chain retail and hospitality industries, but they see wider application—especially into financial spaces. “Networked security is the future, and our job is to make sure it’s secure and reliable enough for our financial customers,” Ratliff says.

From new technologies to countering emerging threats, S&G works hard to build forward-thinking solutions for the financial industry. From local branches to international banks, S&G products deliver the flexibility, security, and value to drive your security forward.