To download the Audit Trail, perform the following steps:

Enter 28* (AT)
Press the Silver Touch Key Memory to the blue Keypad Extension.
2-digit Programmer PIN position (00) + 6-digit PIN Code #

Downloading an audit trail using default codes.
Insert your Red/Green audit key into the blue ibutton.
28* (00)123456#

The yellow LED will remain on while the audit trail is downloading to the Touch Memory Key. This takes about 20 seconds.

The lock beeps 5 times when the download is complete.
If you hear an error beep (one long continuous beep), the audit trail was not downloaded properly. You must start the download over, beginning with Step 1.

After you’ve successfully downloaded the audit trail, it is stored in the Touch Key. Follow the instructions provided with the Sargent and Greenleaf audit trail software to upload the data to your computer.


Applicable to:
6126, 6127 Audit Lock