1.  Press START to begin.

Sargent And Greenleaf     Sargent And Greenleaf

2.  Press * to get the lock to prompt you for the setup code.

Sargent And Greenleaf

3.  From Fingerprint setup menu press 2 to Enroll.Enter the user ID (user PIN position).

Enter 6 digit Master/Supervisor/User code and then confirm the code.

Sargent And Greenleaf

4.  You will be instructed to place your finger on the keypad sensor 3 times to create a detailed image.

Each of these screens repeats 3 times.

Please note that when enrolling a fingerprint into the 1 ID (Master Code) position, changing the code will erase the fingerprint.

Sargent And Greenleaf


Applicable to:
Biometric Keypad