Important: You must have the correct change key. Do not set the third number of the combination between 5 and 11 on a lock with a dial splined at 50. The “forbidden zone” can shift slightly due to installation and tolerances, but will always be between 4 and 12. Do not set adjacent numbers of the combination within five numbers of each other. Do not remove lock cover. If an error is made, re-dial the entire combination.

A U8 change key is required to change the combination. If you do not have a change key please contact your safe manufacturer or one of our distributors to purchase one.

Index          Insert

1.  Using the existing combination on the opening index, unlock combination lock, and open safe door. Relock lock with safe door open.

2.  Dial the existing combination again, using the changing index (at the 11 o’clock position). Keep the third number aligned on the changing index.

3.  Insert change key into key hole on the lock’s cover. Change key must be completely inserted.

4.  Rotate key left 90 degrees.

5.  Enter a new three number combination using the changing index, dialing as follows:

    • Turn dial left until the first new number aligns with the changing index the fourth time.
    • Turn dial right until the second new number aligns with the changing index the third time.
    • Turn dial left until the third new number aligns with the changing index the second time.
    • Turn the dial right ten numbers.

6.  Rotate change key right 90 degrees until it stops. Remove change key.

7.  Using the opening index, check new combination at least three times.

After changing the opening code, the lock should be opened and locked several times with the safe door open. Important: Do not select codes such as birthdays or other predictable data which could give a correlation between the user and the opening code.


Applicable to:
6700 Mechanical spin dial lock