Important: Turn dial slowly and evenly. Do not turn back to regain alignment if you rotate past number. If an error is made, re-dial entire combination. Do not count turns. Count how many times each number is aligned with the opening index (at the 12 o’clock position). Always view the dial and ring straight on, not at an angle.

Use the following procedures to open a lock set on combination 45-23-78:

1: Turn dial left, past 45 three times stopping on the fourth time you come to it.
2: Turn dial right, past 23 two times stopping on the third time you come to it.
3: Turn dial left, past 78 once stopping on the second time you come to it.
4: Turn dial right until dial comes to a complete stop. Lock dial should stop between 95 and 85.
5: To relock and secure the combination lock, turn the dial to the left at least four revolutions.


Applicable to:
6700 Mechanical spin dial lock