Single user mode simply means that one combination opens the lock. The opening index is the mark at the top of the dial ring at the 12 o’clock position. Follow this procedure:

1. Turn the dial left (counterclockwise) at least four complete revolutions, then stop precisely on the first number of the combination.

2. Turn the dial right (clockwise), stopping the third time the second combination number comes to the opening index.

3. Turn the dial left, stopping the second time the third combination number comes to the opening index.

4. Turn the dial right. If you have entered your combination correctly, the dial will come to a positive stop before you have turned more than 1 1/4 revolutions.

If the lock emits 10 beeps upon opening, both lock batteries must be changed. The 10-beep low battery signal will repeat every twenty seconds for one minute after the lock is opened.



Applicable to:
2740 High-Security Lock