Important:Lubricating a mechanical lock should only be performed by a trained safe and vault technician.

All parts should be wiped thoroughly clean before applying lubricant. Use a thin, almost invisible film of AeroShell 22 (preferred),Novagard Versilube G-322-L, or Dow Corning Gn Metal Paste for all lubrication points inside all S&G lock cases. Aeroshell 22 is the current factory lube.

Although not necessary, a thin film of lube may be applied to the inside of the Delrin dial ring bushing or the underside of the dial bearing.

NOTE: Heavy petroleum lubricants can cause swelling and distortion of Delrin or Celcon (plastic) components. Use only recommended lubricants (AeroShell, Versilube, and Gn Metal Paste).

Lubrication Points for the S&G 6700 series


Applicable to:
6700 Mechanical spin dial lock